Diligens provides Schneider Electric service contracts and maintenance services designed to enhance your Schneider Electric system reliability and performance. We are the only Schneider Electric Certified Service Sales Partner (CSSP) in Eastern Ontario.

Other Maintenance Services

UPS Preventative and Corrective Services for Other Vendors

Diligens provides preventative maintenance and 24/7 corrective services for your single or 3 phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Our Service Technicians are factory-trained on numerous products and our Customer Service Representatives assist with the scheduling of service calls and managing the parts delivery logistics.

Each year Diligens makes investments in test equipment, tools, training and inventory to ensure that our Service Technicians have the latest training and diagnostic equipment to resolve power-related issues. Diligens’ diagnostic equipment includes:

  • Power quality monitor
  • Total harmonic recorder
  • Single harmonic recorder
  • High speed storage scope
  • Capacitor inductor tester
  • True RMS meter

Battery Services

Diligens offers complete battery maintenance contracts and services for both dry cell and flooded cell units. Our diagnostic equipment includesL

  • Insulation tester
  • Battery impedance tester
  • Battery conductance tester

Power Analyses

Diligens Service Technicians are available to perform power quality analyses at your facility. The power monitoring can be performed as a one-time event, or instruments can be left for an extended period of time for continuous monitoring in order to capture irregular electrical events.